DIY Project: Trick your Truck

Your old F-150 could be a mobile work of art with the right additions. Real truck enthusiasts see a customized truck as a culmination of a dream. Hard earned cash and a good amount of sweat are the price of a beautiful custom truck. But there’s nothing like knowing that you built a masterpiece with your own hands. Many truck customizations don’t require professional help, only an eye for design and some basic tools.

Apply Eye-Catching Vinyl Designs

Even if you are not an artist yourself, you can add some designs like flames and pinstripes to a truck. There are even full body wraps available to make the entire truck look freshly painted. No paint is required, however. The design that you choose is printed on vinyl and shipped directly to you. To add the design to your truck, all you need is a sponge, a knife and some masking tape. After washing the area using the sponge, you can cut out the graphic using the knife. The masking tape is used to figure out what area you want to put the graphic. These graphics run from $80 to $500, so you can spend what you want to make your truck look great.

Add a Rugged New Bumper

When you drive on the road, your truck bumper is what people see. It gives the truck a rugged appearance. Upgrade your bumper or replace a beaten up one to give your truck a fresh look. Fusion bumpers are a popular do-it-yourself choice. Installation of the 300 pound bumper requires only a friend (for lifting) and tools that come with the bumper.

Customize your Mudflaps

New mudflaps are an easy way to alter the appearance of your truck. Although they are not expensive, they are also easy to make using a knife and a thick rubber mat. The size and design can be customized with a few strokes of the knifes or an addition of your favorite brand stickers. Let your creativity determine the final appearance.

These suggestions are small ways that you can begin tricking your truck. Making a truck unique doesn’t require a custom suspension or a engine. It doesn’t even require a professional. Even if your truck exterior is bland, you can always customize the interior with something as simple as a wheel cover or as outlandish as reupholstered bucket seats. There are a million DIY projects you can do with your truck, including turning it into a camper, like the guys in this video did.

The key is to enjoy the process of working on your truck and transforming it into a work of art that you are proud of.